One of the most beautiful and magical things in life is the time. Everybody is aware of it, but no one really knows much about it, and how we spend it is unique for everyone. For me as the founder of Aetas Watches, is the most central thing to keeping the time with style and class.
Whoever you are, what your doing or what’s your look, a good-looking watch will always fit for your personal style, and it is all about time. Because when everything comes around time is the element that will make you to you. Make sure you looking good during the time you spending it.
The vision for Aetas is to offer people timeless and classical watches – which has sense for the modern touch. We dare to be apart of the design development of the watch industry, and at the same time taking care of its tradition and belongings.
Aetas watches is a watch company based in Stockholm and offer watches that is labelled Stockholm Design and Swiss Made. A combination of something very powerful.
The word Aetas comes from the Latin language and means “timelife”, because that is what life is surrounded with for all of us– how you spend it and how you are boosting your time in life.

Founder Aetas Watches